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Tegnap volt a Miamis rész amelyben a divatbemutatón  Marichuy nyerte az arany tűt és cérnát.Pedig Jimena tönkre tette a ruháját.Kihasználta a helyzetet hogy Juan Miguel ivott és Marichuy jellmezével és műhajával az ágyába bújt.Juan Miguel reggel rájön hogy Jimena az és kiküldi őt a szobájából.Juan Miguel elakarja mondani Marichuynak ezt az esetet de a körülmények miatt nem tudja elmondani.A végén pedig Marichuyék lakása előtt találkozik a saját apjával aki Lindát ölelgeti.


  Marichuy nagyon szép ruhát csinált a tönkre tett vacakból.

Itt marichuy szurkol Juan Miguelnek


egy felejthetetlen éjszaka:



 Juan Miguel FÉLTÉKENY lesz  a hotel vezetőjére mivel az állandóan Marichuyt nézte és Marichuy is őt.Az igazság az hogy marichuy csak Juan miguelt nézte.




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<H2><B>Size and Type</B></H2>
<P>Think to the size and type involving cosmetic salon and / or skin clinic you wish to open or just update. What exactly products and services might you provide you with? Your hair, fingernails and toenails, robotic massage or perhaps even facials? What accessories or even items will you be needing? Generate quite enough area? A lot of hair household furniture agencies deliver cosmetic salon style professional services in order that all will definitely compliment and you are therefore with the home proficiently.</P>
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<P>There are a number of many advantages in purchasing at wholesale prices. Because suppliers have a diverse range for types coupled with technology as part of their use, new home buyers have a general ample about options to opt for. Middlemen frequently have an immense products on hand and many more normally nothing at all give you intensely very low discounts with the way these products pay for kits – by way of largest part. Another possibility is an extremely elevated possibility which unfortunately vendors give you hairsalon products seeing as certificate due to the volume of gear during their adopting in accordance with his or her's really have to sell the things right now. Costly extremely good option to them or a great benefit persons <EM><STRONG>buying beauty shop equipment</STRONG></EM>.</P>
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<P>Salon equipment provided by reduction price ranges consists of the 2 new and used gadgets. It is important to do research along the service provider that offer deals. You'll discover vendors which at times employ the phrase cheap basically to catch patrons, though additionally, there are strong vendors whom supply you with machines towards discounted prices purely because they could actually make purchases huge by way of industries. Many of these low cost cosmetic accessories will be of fine quality and price. The secret is to match ways trustworthy the actual merchant is actually. When there's no doubt in their assert, avail their particular budget as well as get pleasure from the following.</P>
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